Field - Box Player Crossover

On our last post we left off with a quote from the legendary coach, Bill Tierney. He stated, “If I had my choice, I would have every player under the age of 12 play box lacrosse exclusively or at least the majority of the time.” The roots of that sentiment is continuing to spread and grab hold across the country as more players are beginning to play box lacrosse. The proof of that is in how many of the world’s top players, at the peak of their game, are diving into box lacrosse. In today’s post we will look at a few of the many players who have or are crossing over and their perspective on why it is a valuable decision for all players.

Box vs. Outdoor Lacrosse 101

Lacrosse is a unique sport for many reasons. One in particular is that there are two versions of the sport at the professional level – one is indoor (box) and the other is field (outdoor). This can be confusing to those that are unfamiliar with lacrosse, or even those that have played before.

Growing the Game

Welcome back to our latest addition of The Quill, where we talk about all things lacrosse and aim to create content to enhance the lacrosse communi...

5v5 Pass Pass Dodge

Welcome back to our latest addition of The Telegraph, where we talk about all things lacrosse and aim to create content to enhance the lacrosse community and help it to grow and become more collaborative. This week we focus on the offense and dodging. Coach Souza covers the crucial elements of the drill “Pass Pass Dodge”, which is geared to practice motion, communication and cohesion.

Creating a Practice Plan

Are you a new coach looking for help on how to get going, or a tenured coach who wants to get back to the basics? Check out Coach Souza's video on how to create a practice plan. This is a great step through of how to critically think about how you want to run your day!

Seattle Shootout For Soldiers - Recap

Seattle Shootout For Soldiers - Recap
A recap of the Shootout For Soldiers event in Seattle, WA. Tune in for details about a cool event that benefits a great cause!

Learning with Coach Souza

Learning with Coach Souza
We're excited to announce our partnership with Coach Souza of Westminster High School in Atlanta, GA! Tony is a renowned coach and the all time win...