5v5 Pass Pass Dodge

Welcome back to our latest addition of The Telegraph, where we talk about all things lacrosse and aim to create content to enhance the lacrosse community and help it to grow and become more collaborative. This week we focus on the offense and dodging. Coach Souza covers the crucial elements of the drill “Pass Pass Dodge”, which is geared to practice motion, communication and cohesion. Instead of the typical 6v6 matchup, this drill utilizes 5v5 to allow for more space. There are a few ways to run this drill, but the key is to keep the ball moving and use the entire field.

The hardest offense to stop is one that never stops moving, just look at Tierney’s Denver teams are a good example of this. The ball is rarely in a player’s stick for more than a couple of seconds which forces the defense to constantly be on their toes. In order to achieve this, it’s important to be able to dodge from anywhere on the field, and have the entire offensive unit work as one. This means that no matter where the dodge is initiated, all players react and move in unison to put pressure on the defense. The only rule for this drill is that on the second offensive pass, that player making the catch HAS to begin the dodge. This rule prevents anyone from holding the ball too long or being complacent. Coach Souza walks through a few ways the drill can play out, from different offensive sets, ball rotations and how off-ball players can cut. The theme? Keep moving, working and playing fast.

Who says that an offensive drill only has to benefit the offense? This drill is a great one for the defense as well. Communication, off-ball discipline and help defense are all facets that are stressed while playing. With the many dodges that will occur, the 1st and 2nd slides are constantly in motion meaning it’s important to emphasize communication through each of these to your defense. Without the 6th defender on the field, the slides become longer for each dodge. It’s a great teaching moment to highlight off-ball discipline and recovering back to the hole quickly. If the defense does not, they will soon find that the offense is able to pick them apart and have isolated dodges knowing there is no slide coming. This will in turn put strain on everyone. The goal for the defense is not necessarily to win in this drill, but rather practice difficult situations and learn how to communicate and play off ball.

In this video you will learn the foundation of the drill and the skills it works. Last week the focus was on how to plan a practice and how to prepare. This week is all about thinking on the fly, reacting and playing fast. The “Pass Pass Dodge” drill – let us know if you have a better name! – incorporates those flavors all in one. It’s a great drill to have the kids communicate, work together and be outside their comfort zone. The sport is referred to as the fastest on two feet, use this drill to help your kids think just as fast on their feet.

Watch the video and feel free to like, comment or share! Each week or so we will release a new video….so stay tuned. Next week we will talk about how to properly time cuts and to maximize each step.

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