Creating a Practice Plan

One of the most important things any coach needs to do daily is plan and be prepared. This pertains to game strategy, practice plans or offseason workouts. By being planful, each event can run more smoothly and feel more polished. This is important in order to utilize and maximize everyone’s time. A good quote to remember is, “We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan”. In my own coaching career, even the seemingly insignificant aspects of coaching can benefit from a well thought out plan. The less you have to think about on the fly, the more time you can spend on the details.

Just because we know it’s important to plan, doesn’t always make it easy right? Coach Souza has advice on how he likes to plan for his practices. The key for him is starting with a theme of the day, and basing time slots for drills to work on that theme. In this video, zones are a recurring focus. Another thing he likes to do is to write out the specifics. He even writes out the specific numbers of the players he wants in each drill on the field. This helps him transition between drills and personnel groups easily. Finally, he draws out a simulation of each drill he wants to run, to help him remember how it fits into his theme for the day.

Watch the video and feel free to like, comment or share! Each week or so we will release a new video, so stay tuned.

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