Our Mission

There is a common term in the sport of lacrosse that means something different to everyone - “Grow the Game”.  At Founding Fathers Lacrosse, it is not just about growing exposure to the game, it’s about getting lacrosse sticks in new hands and having you get to actually experience it.

While lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, a common issue is that youth numbers are volatile and drastically change each year. This has lasting impacts in trying to sustain High School programs and the ability to foster a lacrosse culture. As our journey continues, we realize how little opportunity elementary and middle school aged kids have to learn and experience lacrosse.

Because of this, we asked ourselves how to change that. We decided to develop a program with you in mind, that targets P.E. classes and empowers schools to incorporate lacrosse into their curriculum. What does that program look like?

When a school uses the program, the approach is to fully teach and lead the class (teacher included) so that everyone gets to learn. It is imperative that the teachers are knowledgeable, so they feel comfortable teaching it in the future. A fundamental point of the program is that all necessary equipment is provided to make it as easy as possible at no cost to the school. The standard program is a 3-day curriculum that builds off the previous day – starting with the basics like cradling and scooping, and ending with fun games that highlight those skills. At the end of the program, teachers are provided a PDF that details out all drills, teaching points and how to’s that were covered in the classes to be leveraged in the future.

Our goal is that this encourages and facilitates future lesson plans to include lacrosse. As an incentive, if a school invites us back for a second 3-day program, a set of lacrosse sticks will be donated to keep! Cost of equipment is a significant barrier for prospective players that doesn’t need to be as central as it is now. So, when you buy gear from the store, you are helping create new beginnings – our version of “Grow the Game”. If you or someone you know are interested, please reach out at foundingfatherslacrosse@gmail.com!