Are you interested in lacrosse but unsure about jumping into it? Good news, we at Founding Fathers Lacrosse offer an affordable option to dip your toes into our favorite sport. Our private lessons are tailored for first timers or beginners to the sport. In it, you will learn the basic skills of the game and most importantly, have fun!

As part of our mission to create new beginnings we want to be able to ensure prospective players have an opportunity to try lacrosse without having to fully commit. Our lesson plan ensures that the right amount of exposure is received to determine if lacrosse is right for you. But, we feel confident that after working with us that you will be itching to start playing! :)

Currently we offer our private lessons in the Portland, OR metro area. Our beginner lessons will cover many of the basic skills, rules and style of play. Some key highlights:

  • How to pass and catch
  • How to scoop a ground ball
  • How to cradle and move about the field
  • Basic rules and games flow

For all of our lessons, we provide all the required equipment to learn. Please note that this will be a non-contact lesson and does not require the need for full padding (helmet, gloves etc.). All we ask is that you bring an excitement and eagerness to have fun! 

Our rates are as follows per each participant (group rates are negotiable)

  • $25/Hr for the first hour
  • $20/Hr for each hour after per session

This pricing includes each participant getting to take home and keep their stick! 

If interested or have any questions, please reach out to us on any of our social media channels or our email: foundingfatherslacrosse@gmail.com